The Eskuta vision is a simple one, to bring freedom of motion to the masses and we’d love you to come along with us on the ride. All of the Eskuta electric scooters are EAPC’s or ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ so you just have to be 14 years old to ride one, there’s no, tax or insurance to worry about and you can ride in cycle lanes, how cool is that? Eskuta’s are designed with only one thing in mind, you the rider. Sure an Eskuta is all-electric, cheap to run and good for old Mother Nature, but more than anything, they’re amazing fun to ride.

Using the latest lithium-ion battery and ‘super-torque’ motor technology, no other electric scooter looks like an Eskuta or performs like an Eskuta. It's different, you’re different. When you own an Eskuta, you're not just buying an electric scooter, you’re buying into a philosophy, a state of mind. We want you to go further, further than you’ve ever been before, have freedom and not be constrained by the conventional. You know who you are………. Just ride and Go.

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The Eskuta SR-25

If you’re looking for the sexiest EAPC on the market…….. look no further!! Not only does the SR250 look amazing, but it also out-performs any other EAPC on the road today. With its ‘Super Torque’ external geared motor, you can be sure no hill or steep incline will get to spoil your ride.

It has a lightweight lithium ion battery for longer life & less charging, front disc brake and adjustable rear shock absorbers. As standard the SR250 comes with a remote control audible alarm and a host of extras you wont find on any other bike.

You can also add another battery under the seat as an optional extra adding an industry leading combined battery range of 110 miles, so you’ll never run out of charge.

Price £1495.00

​​The Eskuta SX-250

With it’s unparalleled styling and design this baby will get you to your destination in comfort and in style. The SX250 has a brushless high efficiency rear hub motor giving you all the torque needed to get you to were you want to go and quickly.

It’s lightweight lithium ion battery for longer life & less charging comes as standard, as doe’s the front disc brake and adjustable rear shock absorbers. As standard the SX250 comes with a remote control audible alarm. There’s plenty of storage on-board too with its front glove box. The lighting is all LED so you’ll not only standout but you’ll save your battery life too.

Price £1295.00

​The Eskuta SF-250

Beautifully designed and the lightest EAPC on the market, the SF250 is the benchmark for practicality and style. Weighing only 19kg and with a host of features found only on larger bikes, no other folding bike looks or performs like the Eskuta SF250.

The patented scissor mechanism is the unique feature, folding and unfolding has never been easier. As standard it comes with a removable Panasonic lithium ion battery for reduced weight and charging practicality, LCD display and front and rear disc brakes.

Price £1195.00